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Recently there are somewhat over-exposed to the leaking of customer data courtesy of inadequate security allowing hackers to gain access to databases. The LinkedIn LeakedOut leak and eHarmony dating data disaster are good examples of the genre. 

One customer who received the email from Acronis, a company which provides data backup software and services, was Mike Hall who called the fact that it still included a default signature stating that "Acronis does not supply customer information to any third party" to be something of an epic fail in the circumstances.

The email, which went out yesterday afternoon, and is signed by Ed Benack, Chief Customer Officer, Acronis Customer Central, blames an unspecified 'technical issue' for allowing a spreadsheet containing emails and upgrade serial numbers to be "indexed by the search engine" and assuring them that no data which could identify individual Acronis customer accounts or put them at risk of breach. Indeed, the email insists that the spreadsheet concerned was only searched for and downloaded by 14 people and insists that they have their IP addresses and working on their ISPs to notify the issue and ask to delete the file.

In the meantime Benack goes on to explain that the spreadsheet file has now been removed from the server, search engines contacted with a request to have the index removed and notifications sent to all customers concerned.

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