Think Information. Think Security.
The following article is a very good read for awareness in the use of Facebook and the information, pictures that we post when we use Facebook.

The lead-off for this week’s Facebook Follies has to be the Vancouver riots. Canadians love their hockey. When an upstart American hockey team from Boston stole their fire (er, ice?) in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals, Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets to riot, smashing windows, flipping cars, robbing stores, and generally causing lots of mayhem.

As you would expect, many photos and videos were taken, and some of the rioters felt compelled to document their participation via Facebook. That may get them put in the penalty box. One outraged Maple Leafer, upset about the destruction of the city, began collecting incriminating Facebook updates and photos from various social media sites on a Tumbler called Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List (Tagline: “Anonymous crime in a Web 2.0 world? I don’t think so!”).