Think Information. Think Security.
Facebook, Inc. = FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Whether this equation is true or not, the popularity of facebook among its users will always out weight any similar claims.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has branded Facebook an “appalling spying machine”.

According to Assange, whose WikiLeaks whistle-blowing site has propelled him into the media limelight, US intelligence services have direct access to records of Facebook users.


I once wrote a blog post about ‘escalation’ and it seems that my fears are coming true as the Lulz Boat keeps making waves across the Internet. Between LulzSecJester, Anonymous, and now God knows who else, we are seeing a re-birth of the 90′s anarchy hacking.

However, since so much has changed network wise since the 90′s its been amplified a thousand fold. What has spun out of all the hacking (hacktivism, vigilantism, whatever you want to call it) is that we are seeing just how a counter-intelligence operation is carried out.

Th3j35t3r and his friends at Web-Ninjas’s are carrying out this counter-intelligence program and posting their findings on LulzSecExposed as well as on th3j35t3rs own siteon word-press.