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Google has taken great pains to secure its Google Wallet mobile payment service, employing a secure NFC chip to store credit card information. Security experts discuss ways malicious apps might attack Wallet.

Google Wallet, the search engine's efforts to enable mobile payments using near-field communication technology from smartphones, has a number of challenges it must overcome to succeed.

One of the major reasons why smartphones are such a strong potential target for hacking is due to the shear amount of third-party applications regularly packed onto smartphones.  

Smartphone users seem to be just downloading and using strange and unknown applications at will, without even knowing or researching the maker/origin of the application.

Users must note that many, if not all, of smartphone applications are able to access personal data that is stored on the phone.

And with the exponential growth of the use of smartphone, and its integration in the network environment, it makes the landscape of information security more complex.