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HONG KONG - (AFP) - Chinese communications giant Huawei Technologies on Wednesday responded to US hackers' claims that its routers were easily cracked, saying its security strategies were rigorous. 

The annual Def Con hackers' convention in Las Vegas on the weekend was shown how to slip into networks through some Huawei routers, equipment that connects networks to the Internet, widely used in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and the company and has been striving to gain ground in US and European markets. 

Lindner and his teammate Gregor Kopf said to AFP, that Huawei had not issued security advisories about its routers to warn users to take precautions in which these machines have serious security issues. In response, Huawei issued a statement to AFP saying it was aware of "media reports on security vulnerabilities in some small Huawei routers" and was trying to verify the claims. The company said it had a "robust response system to address product security gaps and vulnerabilities".

Huawei, founded by a former People's Liberation Army engineer, has established itself as a major force in the global telecoms industry where its technology is widely used to build mobile phone networks. But it is also battling an image problem in the broader technology market due to its perceived close ties with the Chinese state. It has recently been blocked from bidding for contracts on Australia's national broadband project, reportedly due to concerns about cyber-security and the company has in the past also run afoul of US regulators and lawmakers because of worries over its links with the Chinese military -- fears that Huawei has dismissed.

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8/8/2012 05:02:18 pm

Our site was hit by an attack from a machine in Sweden at 4am, which continued till 11am, The attacker launched 23,000 probes before the firewalls caught him and blocked him, whereupon he gave us a port scan of all 65535 ports, once ascending and once rescending. Attackng machine name
is, IP address
The good thing that came out of this, was that our logs contained details of every file that he tried to access, which I can now pass on.
I've extracted details of the first 10,000 of these probes into a file, to
help other potential victims secure those areas.
Get it from, or go to the intro.html page and follow the link
Also,add to your blacklist. His attack followed, using much the same techniques, but not for so long.


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