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We have seen quite few a massive security breaches which make all of you go lol the past decade, and in the recent pact, hactivist groups have emerged with anonymous considered the Mother-of-All. Not all hacks are perpetrated in the name of altruistic goals however some are just for fun and others have money as their primary motive.

CopyrightLabs vs Anonymous

Last June, when the Indian government had forced all ISPs to block access to certain p2p, torrent and all video sharing sites, Anonymous had retaliated in numerous ways. Even after the ban was lifted the hacker group started targeting those institutions that were still sending individual URL take down notices to all the hosts. 

Foremost amongst these anti-piracy proponents in India was all copyright Labs.  Anonymous targeted this group by infiltrating their servers, and by also suddenly slightly changing their automated take down tool's messages. Unknowingly copyright lab had sent out a take down notice to various sites, and later suddenly surprised at the sudden responses. 
"Kudos to SFLC for following it up and trying to find out bow the HC order was misused by ISPs and also cpoyright Labs. We are Anonymous you should have expected us GTFO best of luck sorting thousand of mails. Get a life nobody watches those F****** movies anyway, they are flop. You are bated all over the internet with enough soap you can blow just about anything. " 
Soon after this Anonymous had proceeded to take down the web sites of the Congress Party, Supreme Court, and also The Copyright Labs. 
EA Promo Code Leaks

In the middle of October the funniest leaks had happened in the history of gaming when the Electronic Arts(EA) issued a one-time promo code that could be used a number of times the gamer wishes to use. The $20 promo code, earned normally only by answering a survey, was worth the price of a single game on EA's original store.  

When the users had finally come to know that they could use the codes as number as times they wanted they were really happy and also soon started passing it around all over the internet and stuff. But 18 hours later, by the time the code had finally become inactive, users had started downloading hundreds of games especially "Need for Speed MW but many other people had feared retaliation by the company. Origin's community manager, Sam Houston, said that EA will only "Honour all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and just wanted all their fans to be happy and enjoy their games." Many of the people had just said that the company itself didn't have any idea that who took what. Well Poor EA Currently in loss cause of the leak of Cheat codes.
HBgary vs Anonymous

After Anonymous had helped take down sites that boycotted WikiLeaks in 2011 and portrayed its personnel in a negative light, the global cybersecurity investigators turned their attention to all the hacker groups. HBGary Federal, a small startup security firm based in California, made the public its intentions to infiltrate Anonymous, with CEO Aaron Barr tweeting he had found out the group leaders via social networking, and had also planned to inform this information at the next major security conference. 

Anonymous had retaliated, exposing more than 50,000 of HBGary's  Federal's emails, defacing  the company's web site, and then by also releasing the incriminating evidence that Barr claimed to have on Anonymous themselves, saying 'The personal details of Anonymous members you think you've quite acquired is just simply nonsense'. So soon after this issue Barr was just totally asked to step down and the company avoided public appearances for a few months. The main epic fail of this had come a year later, just when mostly the majority of members were apprhended, in March2012.  

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