Think Information. Think Security.
They may have something in common. Both LulzSec and Anonymous are hackers in their own rights, but it does not mean that they will come along together for a common cause.

This only goes to show that a revolution cannot be won by individuals who in the first place have never understood the ideology that they are fighting for and ego is at primary stake.

Lulz war ! Today Hacking group "Lulzsec" completed their 50th day and also announce the retirement of Lulz boat. What are the Reasons behind this ? Lulz Security's rise to prominence has been extraordinarily fast. The hacking group first emerged in May and in the past few weeks has attacked the websites of some of the world's leading corporations and governments. The group specialises in locating websites with poor security and then stealing information from them and posting it online via Twitter account, well They get 278,429 Followers also in 50days.

To understand who/what lulzsec is, you need to understand where they came from. Everything originates from the chan (4chan/711chan/etc.) culture. It's a culture built around the anonymity of the internet. If your anonymous no one can find you. No one can hurt you, so your invincible.

According to Anonymous "The problem with Lulzsec is that they lack the skills to keep it going. As such after SONY they couldn't get into anything. So they switched their focus to just releasing random crap that didn't mean anything. Then they started running out of things they could hack. So they put out requests for people to join them. That got them a few hits, and now they've switched their gears again to be ANTI-SEC".

Sabu (Leader of Lulzsec) and Topiary are the only two people updating the twitter and releasing stuff. Kayla is MIA. The gn0sis kids are gone in hiding somewhere. So the team include :
Sabu, Topiary , Kayla ,  gn0sis , Uncommon, EEKDACAT.

LULZSEC skills : We have seen that Lulzsec mostly hack random targets which are vulnerable and easily available on net. Now just check the Defacement section of "The hacker news" , you will get so much talented hackers of world, Then why these guys are not having millions of followers ? Why these Indian, Pakistani and Albanian hackers don't get attention of Big media sites ? Its all because there aim is never to get Fame, they are testing their own skills and Learning from real world. Even PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) & Writerspace Hacked Again by Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe) . According to Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe) "This wasn't done for fame or fun, just proving LulzSec aren't as good as they think they are. I haven't rooted the box or been up to crack the hashes, I'm just proving that most of their attacks are very lame and basic (i'm pretty sure and automated) SQL injections and further privilege escalation, which is just matter of time." He also said "Support for WebNinjas & Jester, good job at exposing them.Sad to mention, but I really agree with th3j35t3r & WebNinjas - LulzSec are just a bunch of script kiddies..."

Possible Identity Released :

1.) Uncommon(Richard Fontaine): GAWKER hacker
How to find Uncommon:
His USER/IP: Richard Fontaine is the server that hosts: is admined by: Daniel Rhodes-Mumby (
Daniel Rhodes-Mumby and Richard Fontaine are friends from school (check their facebooks).

We do not know if Daniel Rhodes-Mumby has anything to do with hacking, but he does allow Richard to bounce from his box...

Daniel Rhodes-Mumby (

Cashier at BrightHouse
Studying BA (Hons) Politics at University of Salford
Lives in City of Salford
In a relationship with Alisha 'Magikarp' Barton
Knows English, German, French
From Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Born on December 4, 1991

Richard Fontaine (Uncommon) (

Studying Chemistry MChem at University College of Wales, Bangor
Lives in Bangor, Gwynedd
From Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Charlotte Fontaine:
Bartender at Cleethopes Bowling Alley
Studied at Nottingham Trent
Lives in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Married to Melissa Scott - LESBOZ!!!
From Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Natalie Fontaine:
Transport Manager at Ski France
Went to Caistor Grammar School
In a relationship

Richard Fontaine is also deaf and wears a hearing aid.


How to find EEKDACAT:

EE Uses those Busy Box Bounces that were dropped in the lulzsec/gn0sis private channel logs (which were leaked).

bounce: ( Hacked Busy Box IP (from Nigg).

We back hacked him all the way back to his Home IP in Sartoga NY.

originating ip: (saratoga ny)

Now this kid actually hacks stuff.  He goes around and does his little google query hacking thing.  Fing's his SQLinjections. He then goes and downloads the databases.  This is the kid who helped Uncommon with the attack on Gawker.

3.) Laurelai : He is another non-hacker

Name: Laurelai Bailey AKA Wesley Bailey
Born: 15 January 1982
Davenport, Iowa (Quad Cities Metro Area) [Current]
Fayetteville, AR [Previous]
Austin, TX [Previous]
Job: Tech Team Global
Phone: 563-505-6082

Handles: Laurelai, artixstorm
IP: ~Laurelai@ ( Frantech VPS )
Phone: Android
Tablet: iPad
OS: CentOS


Sites: ?

Transgendered woman name she chose means 'temptress' yet she is hideous
Location confirmed by phone location/linkedin/facebook and also mentions quad city area on reddit
Name confirmed by facebook
Pics confirmed by facebook/
She Leaked #hq logs before gnosis/hbgary hackers became Lulzsec

--- identification ---
About: "Laurelai" is a failed chanology troll with a vendetta against Gregg Housh and AnonOps
Legal Name: Wesley Bailey
Occupation: Systems Administrator
  - Laurelai Storm
  - Laurelai Bailey
  - Trinity Bailey
  - Raziel
Twitter: @stuxnetsource
  - setup as "trans support"
  - #oneechan
  - #tr0ll
Email Addresses:
AIM: lulzchan
  - Gnosis (Hacker group responsible for Gawker hack)
  - AnonOps Oper: 18:16 [tsukihi] -OperServ( Laurelai         -  Oper + Services Root Administrator
DOB: 1-15-82
Residence: Waterloo, Iowa
Home Internet:
Hometown: Killeen, TX
Bio: 10 year army veteran: stations in Killeen and Korea

4.) NIGG

His real name is TOM.
His real Name, Username, PC Name, and Home IP is: Tom Tom@Tom-PC
He is a minor hacker in the group.  He is the one who got all the stolen routers that everyone is using.

5.) madclown aka BERRI

His real name is Peter.  He claims to be Trans Gendered.
His real Name, Username, PC Name, and Home IP is: Peter
He doesn't really do anything except have gender identity issues.
originating ip: (

6.) Topiary

Probably the lamest one of the bunch.  He doesn't actually do anything except give interviews.
There are plenty of logs of him all over the internet being a complete idiot.  His "d0x" are all over the internet also. He tries to deny it but there are logs of him bitching about being d0x'ed int he #hq logs that Laurelai leaked.

Name: Daniel Ackerman Sandberg
Location: Sweden

Handles: Atopiary, Gardenslayer, whirlpool


7.) avunit

Name: Christopher Ellison
Location: Colchester, Essex
Business: avunit(.com) as Media Manager 00441473705206


Profiles: ?


Dox confirmed by #hq logs where he says the dox posted are true

8.) Sabu : Lulzsec Leader

Name: Hector Xavier Montsegur
Location: New York, New York
Race: Puerto Rican ?

Handles: 548U, hectic_les, leon
IP: (

Profiles: ?


9.) Tflow

Name: Solomon Saleh
Location: London, UK
Job: Web Developer at

Handles: timeflow, bottle_of_rum



dox refinforced by facebook (computer science interests) and (claims to be a hacker, londoner)

10) joepie91
Name: Sven Slootweg 
Location: Wijnstraat 211 3311BV Dordrecht, Netherlands 
Phone: (+31) 06 - 26 51 99 55 
Computer: IP:
Notes: Name reinforced by #hq logs (he claims his personal site) and confirmed by LulzSec Exposed logs (mentions theyre his sites)Name confirmed by twitter Phone confirmed by gmail Location reinforced by Lulzsec Exposed logs Lulzsec affiliate, friend of Ryan

And here's the official signing-off message of LulzSec posted at Pastebin.
  1. . /$$                 /$$            /$$$$$$                    
  2. .| $$                | $$           /$$__  $$                    
  3. .| $$       /$$   /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$  \__/  /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$$
  4. .| $$      | $$  | $$| $$|____ /$$/|  $$$$$$  /$$__  $$ /$$_____/
  5. .| $$      | $$  | $$| $$   /$$$$/  \____  $$| $$$$$$$$| $$      
  6. .| $$      | $$  | $$| $$  /$$__/   /$$  \ $$| $$_____/| $$      
  7. .| $$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$.$
  8. .|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/  \_______/ \_______/
  9.                           //Laughing at your security since 2011!
  11. .--    .-""-.
  12. .   ) (     )
  13. .  (   )   (
  14. .     /     )
  15. .    (_    _)                     0_,-.__
  16. .      (_  )_                     |_.-._/
  17. .       (    )                    |lulz..\    
  18. .        (__)                     |__--_/          
  19. .     |''   ``\                   |
  20. .     | [Lulz] \                  |      /b/
  21. .     |         \  ,,,---===?A`\  |  ,==y'
  22. .   ___,,,,,---==""\        |M] \ | ;|\ |>
  23. .           _   _   \   ___,|H,,---==""""bno,
  24. .    o  O  (_) (_)   \ /          _     AWAW/
  25. .                     /         _(+)_  dMM/
  26. .      \@_,,,,,,---=="   \      \\|//  MW/
  27. .--''''"                         ===  d/
  28. .                                    //   SET SAIL FOR FAIL!
  29. .                                    ,'_________________________
  30. .   \    \    \     \               ,/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  31. .                         _____    ,'  ~~~   .-""-.~~~~~~  .-""-.
  32. .      .-""-.           ///==---   /`-._ ..-'      -.__..-'
  33. .            `-.__..-' =====\\\\\\ V/  .---\.
  34. .                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~, _',--/_.\  .-""-.
  35. .                            .-""-.___` --  \|         -.__..-
  37. Friends around the globe,
  39. We are Lulz Security, and this is our final release, as today marks something meaningful to us. 50 days ago, we set sail with our humble ship on an uneasy and brutal ocean: the Internet. The hate machine, the love machine, the machine powered by many machines. We are all part of it, helping it grow, and helping it grow on us.
  41. For the past 50 days we've been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could. All to selflessly entertain others - vanity, fame, recognition, all of these things are shadowed by our desire for that which we all love. The raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy. It's what we all crave, even the seemingly lifeless politicians and emotionless, middle-aged self-titled failures. You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yourself.
  43. While we are responsible for everything that The Lulz Boat is, we are not tied to this identity permanently. Behind this jolly visage of rainbows and top hats, we are people. People with a preference for music, a preference for food; we have varying taste in clothes and television, we are just like you. Even Hitler and Osama Bin Laden had these unique variations and style, and isn't that interesting to know? The mediocre painter turned supervillain liked cats more than we did.
  45. Again, behind the mask, behind the insanity and mayhem, we truly believe in the AntiSec movement. We believe in it so strongly that we brought it back, much to the dismay of those looking for more anarchic lulz. We hope, wish, even beg, that the movement manifests itself into a revolution that can continue on without us. The support we've gathered for it in such a short space of time is truly overwhelming, and not to mention humbling. Please don't stop. Together, united, we can stomp down our common oppressors and imbue ourselves with the power and freedom we deserve.
  47. So with those last thoughts, it's time to say bon voyage. Our planned 50 day cruise has expired, and we must now sail into the distance, leaving behind - we hope - inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, embarrassment, thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love. If anything, we hope we had a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere. Anywhere.
  49. Thank you for sailing with us. The breeze is fresh and the sun is setting, so now we head for the horizon.
  51. Let it flow...
  53. Lulz Security - our crew of six wishes you a happy 2011, and a shout-out to all of our battlefleet members and supporters across the globe
  55. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. Our mayhem:
  58. Our chaos:
  59. Our final release:
  61. Please make mirrors of material on the website, because we're not renewing the hosting. Goodbye. <3
Source: THN, Pastebin
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