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The Philippines Goverment has become the latest target in the #antisec operation with a hacker crew known by BashCrew, being hacked and having some data leaked.

Several hacker groups have mounted a fresh batch of cyber attacks against the Philippines, Peruvian, and Colombian governments, all in the name of Anonymous’ ongoing AntiSec campaign.

The attacks were all first revealed on The Hacker News website before subsequently being publicised by Anonymous via one of its Twitter accounts

The attack on the Philippians Government was enacted by the “BashCrew” hacker collective. The hack targeted the country’s website. The group subsequently published the stolen data on pastebin (but post has been already taken out). The data posted included government workers personal information, emails and contact numbers.
The attack on the Colombian Government saw the hackers target roughly 250 of the country’s police officials with “spam bombs”. Following the regular pattern of most hacker groups, the attackers went on to post a statement online containing the personal data of National Police employees.

The statement thanked the police, “for keeping us submitted and trampled” and invited all like-minded individuals to join the AntiSec movement.
The hacks in Peru targeted 10 government owned sites and were perpetrated by an as yet unidentified group of hackers. The attack was still credited as being a part of the ongoing AntiSec campaign. The information taken from the 10 sites was then leaked online, it again included filenames and employee details.
The sites that were hacked in Peru are the following:

The attacks came just as Anonymous has mounted several fresh attacks against the Italian Cyber Police and NATO.

There has been no official statement as of this time from the three governments regarding the attacked of anonymous in their respective installations.
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