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With the recent arrest in Essex and the revelation made by TeamPoison (claiming they hacked Lulzsec), is the LulzSec days over? Or is this event turning to be another kids quarrel?

Or did the Lulz Boat finally stop sailing and, is it out of arsenal already?  Let's see if LulzSec is a one man-army or really a legit hacking group as they claim to be.

Meanwhile, here is a timeline of some attacks claimed by hacking group LulzSec since early May.

The group knocks websites offline by overwhelming them with Internet traffic in what are known as denial of service attacks. LulzSec also uses a variety of hacking attacks to break into computer networks and steal data.

May 7 - Fox's "X Factor" contestant database breached

May 10 - sales database hacked and made public

May 15 - LulzSec leaks details of hundreds of ATMs in Britain.

May 23 - Hacks database.

May 30 - Defaces website of the U.S. Public Broadcasting System television network, posts fake article claiming deceased rapper Tupac is alive and living in New Zealand. LulzSec also leaks various databases from the website.

June 2 - Leaks a number of databases the group said it stole from internal Sony websites and networks.

June 3 - Hacks into Federal Bureau of Investigation affiliate Infragard Atlanta and posts user database on LulzSec website, along with emails belonging to one of the group's members.

June 6 - Publishes Sony BMG internal network maps and source code from the Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network.

June 10 - LulzSec makes public 26,000 usernames and passwords for adult websites.

June 13 - Releases internal data from a U.S. Senate website after hacking its server. Also hacks the Web server of maker of online game Brink. LulzSec releases internal data and claims to have details of 200,000 Brink players.

June 16 - LulzSec claims responsibility for bringing down the public website of the Central Intelligence Agency. On the same day, the group releases 62,000 random email addresses and passwords without saying where they came from.

June 19 - Launches Operation Anti-Security -- the main aim is to steal and make public any sensitive government information including emails. Says banks should also be targeted.

June 20 - Attacks website of British police Serious Organized Crime Unit, temporarily making it inaccessible via the Web.

Source: LulzSecurity

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